Toumba eco farm

History of Toumba eco farm

The farm is the creation of its creator, Kostas Moukas, who grew up in Athens and after 12 years in New York decided to return to his mother’s village, Milies, where he used to come in the summers as a child. In the early years he was involved with olive trees and was a founding member of the association for the promotion and protection of abandoned settlements of Plomari. His dream was to bring life back to the mountain villages of the region, always respecting tradition and the old.


The toumba eco farm was acquired just a few years after the big fire that had left it in a bad state.


In the first years the estate is cleaned, the old terraces are corrected and new ones are created. It was then that it was discovered that there is a spring with drinking water on the estate. With the water the estate is revitalized, vegetable patches are created, and various trees are planted and grafted.


The first building is built, a multi-workshop. The farm now has 2 horses for friends to ride.


The farm grows, 120 fig trees are planted, the olive trees after care start to yield more and better quality olive oil. Horses are increasing and more and more visitors are enjoying rides in the area or just a day on the farm.


With the support of the European Leader programme, Kostas started creating Toumba in 2004. The café was created, where visitors find shelter from the sun and the wind. At the same time, mountain bikes are bought for rent and stables for the horses and a storage area for the equipment are created.


The garden around the café becomes greener and more beautiful, the visitors become more numerous and there is a need for spaces that can accommodate them.


Our 5 guesthouses are being built. In the café now food is served for the guests, and the wood-fired oven is being built.


Unfortunately, life had other plans and so after his sudden death, Kostas’ daughters, Anna, Christina and Euphoria, together with their mother Margarita, continue his dream, offering those who wish the opportunity to enjoy a few days in the wonderful natural environment and tranquility, in all seasons of the year.

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