Trekking / Mountain bike

The area around the farm can be explored through its old paths, which are ideal for hiking and mountain biking. The paths were the traditional roads between the settlements and between the olive groves, creating a dense network that spreads evenly throughout the area.
If you are fascinated by the idea of hiking beside and in the river, then River Trekking is the experience you should definitely try. The 3km Castelos area amidst plane trees ,oaks and poplars makes the experience unforgettable.

Mushroom excursions

Mushrooms are the occasion to come into direct contact with nature. They invite you to look for them, to search for them and, having the habit of growing in many different and unexpected places, they introduce you to the magic and the wonderful natural beauties of the mountain. 
Apart from the pleasure of exploring the forest, mushroom forays around Toumba Farm are the best way to get to know the island’s landscapes and to wander through pine forests , bushes and glades as well as riverside areas where hundreds of species of wild mushrooms grow all year round. You must move through the forest in safety and with respect for it and its gifts, without causing damage to the sensitive forest ecosystem.
What you will need is waterproofs, boots, baskets, hand knives or pocket knives and general clothing suitable for the mountain…


Birdwatching, i.e. the observation of birds in their natural environment, is a well-known activity in many European countries, while in Greece it is becoming more and more widespread. Their ability to fly, which has always fascinated man, their colours, are some of the reasons that push this fun activity. Birdwatching is more than a hobby, it is an excellent physical and mental exercise, an enjoyable activity for all ages that complements a range of other hobbies and sports, such as photography and hiking.
As well as being fun, birdwatching is a relaxing activity.


What is more beautiful when you do yoga to have nature, its smells and its calmness around you. In one sentence one could say that yoga is the observation of the breath. And when this breathing takes place in nature, the benefits are twofold, as the observation of the body and mind occur in the most ideal conditions. The pure oxygen, the colours of nature, the sounds of animals and the cool breeze make the experience of practicing yoga in the forest better and more refreshing. It is no coincidence that the places, the asanas as they are called, have borrowed their names from the elements of nature and the animal kingdom. Perhaps as a sign of respect for the environment, but certainly also in relation to the fact that nature and animals have much to teach us about ourselves and our inner world.

Horse riding

At the Tuba farm we are trying to bring back the endangered local breed of horse, the Mudilis. With a characteristically low stature and a distinctive gait, Mudilis is a horse perfectly adapted to the mountainous environment of his home country. The Tuba farm has been associated with horse riding, unfortunately at this time we do not offer rides with the horses, but it is in our immediate plans. You can however see them, pet them and feed them. They are friendly to both adults and children!!!

Off road trails

The forest roads of Kariona-Agiasos offer off-road routes, so you can have an exciting experience either with a 4×4 car or with enduro or motocross bikes.

Pic nic

Few people can resist a good pic nic… The best picnic is nothing more than a favorite location, an amazing company, a comfortable place to sit, and a great place to sit!

Mosaic workshop

Mosaic making workshops are held at the farm, where with the help of experienced people in various artistic practices you can create your own work of art. All you need to bring are your creative ideas and a passion for art!

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